What's the Harpoon™?

A portable, lightweight, 2 person ski lift you can set up and take down the same day, in minutes.

What is it capable of?

Lifts 2 big riders for 1500m-2500m on a single charge over 55 degree incline.

It's the lightest, smallest, fastest and strongest self-tailing winch in the world. Weighing 6.4lbs, the Harpoon™ pulls 200x its weight.

Aerospace grade aluminum (7075AL), Dyneema™ rope, and a mighty 4500w motor.

We made ZERO compromise while designing and engineering the Harpoon™. Because when you're deep in the backcountry, things just need to work. Period.

A lifeline for sledders

Get unstuck

Hours lost getting a sled out of that creek.

As a powerful, lightweight 800lbs mini-winch, the Harpoon™ comes in handy to pull you out of any sticky situation.
Search & Rescue and Mountain Ops

A new way to reach the hard-to-reach

It can haul 800lbs up a 55 degree incline. Getting injured riders out of sticky situations just got a whole lot easier. Reliably and fast.

The Harpoon™ is the most powerful lightweight mountain tool.
Mountain Resort Operators

Optimise & maximize your skiable terrain

Semi-permanent Dyneema ropes in a defined sector, Harpoon rentals at the ski shop, it's a new and exciting way for riders to enjoy the Resort.
5 years of experience building battery powered PEVs

Our Story

Made in the Laurentian Mountains 1 hour north of Montreal, the Harpoon™ is the latest brain child of the wizards that brought you the 45mph, 100mile range, industry leading electric skateboard (more like a deep powder simulator), the Lonestar Supersport™ by Lacroix Boards.

Deep powder has always been the inspiration for everything we do. We try to emulate it (as our CEO here in NYC), but nothing will ever beat it.